What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a model where health professionals provide a higher level of service to their patients because they no longer have the restrictions of insurance administrative to take their time and focus away from the patient care.  Patient are afforded with additional value and greater flexibility with regard to access to their health professional.  Doctors are frustrated today with the amount of time and energy is spent on technology, administrative reporting, and insurance denials.  They are searching for another way to practice and get back to what they love, patient care.

Most DPC practices do not accept insurance and have access to affordable medication and laboratories.  It is a model that cuts out the middle men and brings primary care back to being centered around the patient and the doctor.  If this model interest you, let us begin the conversation and see if this fits into your practice today or sometime in the future.

Because we are interested in championing the efforts of DPC, we have provided you with a DPC Resources page for you to do your entire research and even create this model on your own.  You do not have to hire a consultant at all.  However, we are here if you want to simplify the process or just don't have the time it will take to do your own research.  We can help with complete customized solutions or just a few hours of assistance.  It truly is your choice.  Either way, we can't wait to see you launch your new DPC Practice!

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