What is Nutrigenomics?

Nutrigenomics or nutritional genomics, is the study involving the relationship between the human genome, nutrition and health.  In order to study this in detail, the genetic makeup of a person needs to be taken into account along with their lifestyle and nutrition.  Bridges2Solutions has partnered with a leader in nutrigenomics to offer health professionals the tools to provide this cutting edge wellness services to their patients.

The genetic analysis will provide your patients with the following benefits:

  1. Learn the variations in their unique genetic code
  2. Understand how nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle choices interact with the unique genetic code
  3. Make informed decisions about eating & sleeping habits as well as exercise and other lifestyle choices based on their genes
  4. Learn how nutraceuticals in a customized health action plan can optimize their wellbeing

The Genetic Analysis

The Gene Analysis will look at 48 genes and 61 SNPs of which 22 are related to obesity.  Many patients struggle with obesity and have no idea how their genes play into this condition.  Understanding their genetic makeup will allow you to customize a specific plan of success for each patient.

The SNPs can reveal essential information on lipids, hypertension, diabetes, select hormone balance, insulin resistance, utilization fatty acids, brain aging, anxiety/mood disorders, and fitness/eating.  Knowing the SNPs of the patient will laser focus a lifestyle and nutritional approach to prevent or delay the onset of disease to optimize the patient's health and longevity.  Click here to see a sample patient report.

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