Wellness Solutions

Wellness Solutions provided by bridges2solutions are always customized to the needs of your practice and the patient base.  After a detailed Discovery Process, we will propose the best solution for you.  Often it may be a combination of education, products, services and/or technology to assist you in meeting the patients' needs and adding a tremendous differentiator into your practice.

Educational Solutions

We offer educational solutions for both patients and health professionals.  We know that it may have been a few years since you had some nutritional/wellness education so our clinical faculty offers doctor only webinars and conferences to help you get the latest information on wellness.  We post these events on our Events page as well as send you email invitations.

We offer educational modules for your patient base as well.  If you are a B2S Web Site owner, you have access to our Patient Welcome Workflow that is customized for your Wellness Implementation with the details that you would like your patients to experience.  Our modules can also be provided as in house patient seminars by your wellness staff.  If you are short staffed, we have educational trainers that can help you.  

The focus of our patient educational modules is on bringing the patient along a wellness spectrum so they begin where ever they are in their wellness journey without feeling overwhelmed or confused.  We believe that simple steps make the difference when it comes to wellness and ensuring success is key to maintaining and changing a patient's health goals.

Products and Services

Because we believe in offering only the highest quality in all we do, bridges2solutions has a nutraceutical partner that has been recognized as a leader in the industry by the Better Business Bureau twice with the Torch Award provided for Ethnics in Business.  The quality control and strict adherence to GMP compliance and using only trademarked ingredients is why we trust the brand and only partner with them for our wellness solutions. 

As a product broker, they are able to source only the best ingredients to ensure quality.  Not only is quality important to our partner but bioavailability is key.  It doesn't matter how great your supplements are if they cannot be absorbed by your body.  With this in mind, our partners have patented technologies in each product to ensure the bioavailability of each and clinical results to prove the effectiveness.

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